Laughing a little bit more with every mile.

So when did it become August? My summer is winding down and I am starting my job on Monday, the 13th–woah, did time fly! I have been busy these last couple of weeks spending time with family, working on my tan, watching the Olympics and my most recent trip to Philadelphia.

This past week, Doug came home for an evening to spend some time with the family. Before heading out for our family dinner, Doug and I walked to the pond next to our neighborhood to throw a few lines. Using a lure and an 8lb. line, Doug caught a few largemouth bass. I even reeled one in!

Later, we went downtown to J. Christian’s  for a nice dinner. Kim and Kevin had celebrated their one year wedding anniversary on Monday, July 30th so it was nice to get the family together to look back at the last year and how fortunate we all are. We are so lucky to have each other in our lives!

Besides a quick stop in Philadelphia during a road trip, I have never explored the City of Brotherly Love. My cousin, Lisa, is starting her second year at The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and had some free time in which I took the opportunity to go visit her in Philly. Her apartment is located in the Northern part of the city, off of Locust Street and is absolutely adorable. Everything needed is located in walking distance including great restaurants, bars and public transportation.

We spent the beautiful, summer afternoon walking around the ‘old city’ and then ate dinner at Pat’s King of Steaks. Pat’s is supposedly the original inventor of the Philly cheese steak sandwich and one of the best in Philadelphia. Since it was my first time having a Philly cheese steak, I didn’t have much to compare it to, but it was DELICIOUS. There is a certain way to order like a local and I got my ‘whiz wit’ and was definitely a GREAT choice. My steak sandwich came with onions and cheese whiz…yes, CHEESE WHIZ! So good!

The next morning Dana and I met Lisa at UPenn and got to explore the campus. Later we visited some landmarks (Art Museum, the ‘Rocky Steps’) and did a little shopping before heading to the Phillies v. Braves game. It was a perfect night for baseball and we enjoyed the atmosphere of the ballpark and each other’s company as much as watching the game. (Phillies lost 6-1. It’s okay– GO SOX!). The next morning, after an awesome breakfast at Marathon Grill, Dana and I got back on the road for CT after a fun visit to Philly.

(Blog title inspired by On My Highway by Jason Aldean)


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