I’ve got a plan. I’ve got an atlas in my hands.

Wow. Where has 2012 gone? It feels like just yesterday I was starting the spring semester of my graduate program and was panicking about having a job by graduation (refer to Feb. 8th).

No, I did not have a job by graduation, but that was not due to lack of effort. I searched endlessly for open positions, sent hundreds of resumes, and received interviews with various places. With each rejection came disappointment, but I am thankful for the experiences and having the opportunity to explore a new direction after each one (It’s true: When one door closes, another opens). The process helped me narrow down what I was looking for in a career and eventually led me to accepting an offer for a Marketing Communications Associate position with King Industries, Inc. I am psyched to start this new chapter back up North.

But this chapter titled, Real World does not begin until mid-August. So I’ve decided to end this last chapter with some excitement. A trip out West? A fishing trip? A drive to see the Field of Dreams field? A visit to the PEZ factory (yes, this is located in CT)? Okay, maybe a few of these ideas are unlikely, but I want to make the most of having this time off. I will update my blog after each new adventure so make sure to check back!

Let me know if you have any suggestions on what I should do/where I should go before it’s high heels and skirt time.

(Blog title inspired by Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich)


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