Audio Elements

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but if a viewer walks out of the room during a television commercial are they going to understand the message? Strong audio is an imperative element for advertisements. Audio can make or break a video.   If the audio does not present a clear message standing alone from the video, the ad will lose the audience who may have walked away from the television or navigated to another site online. Below are a few examples of video advertisements that have compelling audio:

Ford F150:
This Ford truck commercial has very strong audio that accompanies a motion typography approach to a commercial. The minute long ad has a narrative voice-over of a man describing the current economic situation and how the Ford F150 can help. There is quiet background music throughout the whole ad that is noticeable, but does not take away from the message. Sound effects are used to enforce some of the graphic elements of the commercial. For example, when the ad mentions bourbon, there is a graphic of ice falling into an empty glass and the clanging of the glass sound effect is used. These sound effects reinforce what the message is saying and also ads a more compelling argument for the advertisement.

Bud Light: Here We Go
This humorous commercial for Bud Light  has good use of audio, music, and sound effects. Without the video, it may be hard to understand the product of this commercial until the sound effects, if not the last voice-over. The clanking of the bottles, the sound of a bottle getting pulled out of ice, and the whining of the dog, helps paint the picture of what is going on in the video. The final voice over ties the whole commercial together and enforces the message. The use of Bud Light’s slogan, “It’s the sure sign of a good time” and the “Here we go” makes sure the viewer knows the advertisement is for Bud Light.

Taco Bell: Beefy Crunch Burrito
The voice over in this Taco Bell commercial is what makes it a strong audio example. Although it may be difficult to understand what is going on without the video, when the voice-over starts it is obvious the ad is for Taco Bell. The voice over helps illustrate what a Beefy Crunch Burrito is and does a good job at making the viewer salivate. The ringing of the bell and saying “Taco Bell” helps drive home the purpose of the ad. However, Taco Bell recently changed their slogan from “Think outside the Bun” to “Live Mas” and it may take a while for the new slogan to be recognizable with Taco Bell.


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