Shape Up NC: Social Media Campaign

Shape Up NC is a non-profit program that encourages residents of North Carolina to get more exercise and live a healthier lifestyle. The organization is receiving funding from the government with hopes of receiving industry support from corporate sponsors. The sponsors will be providing prizes that will be used for incentives for participants to meet their exercise goals. The participants register for teams and compete against other teams to together exercise effectively and earn the prizes.

Potential Tweets

Before coming up with potential tweets, it is important to establish a voice for Shape Up NC and create pillars. Pillars serve as topics for tweets and statuses that work to reach the objectives of the campaign. For this campaign it is important to create tweets based off of the following pillars:

  1. Health facts/statistics
  2. Health tips/advice

ex: how to eat healthy, exercises

  1. Motivation
  2. Participating corporations/prizes
  3. NC events/ community spotlights

By doing a wordle of the current Shape Up NC website and a similar organization (Be Active North Carolina) important words to use in conveying our message appeared.

The words that should be used in our campaign are the following: active, health, together, state, weight, healthier, lose, exercise, teams, physical, competition, healthy, and North Carolina

Potential Tweets

Health Facts

  1. Adults need at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, every week. #ShapeUpNC
  2. Just by walking 20-25 mins per week, you can extend your life by several years. Check out other health benefits of walking:
  3. Your entire body benefits from #exercise, especially your heart and your brain. #ShapeUpNC
  4. Did you know #exercise releases endorphins, powerful chemicals in your brain that energizes your spirits and makes you feel good? #ShapeUpNC

Health Tips

  1. Stuck sitting at a desk all day? Find time to get up and #walk around for a total of ten minutes a day– your body and mind will thank you.
  2. By eating small portions throughout the day you force your body into hav
    ing to continuously metabolize food resulting in more #fatburning!
  3. Your body needs water to eliminate waste and perform bodily functions such as the breakdown of fat. Did you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water today?
  4. Check out these easy exercise tips to make #exercise a part of your ever day life: #ShapeUpNC
  5. Looking for ways to sate a salt craving? Or satisfy a sweet tooth? Check out this list of 50 #healthy snacks.


  1. Unplug from technology this weekend. Get outside, enjoy the fresh #NorthCarolina air and get some #exercise. #ShapeUpNC
  2. Fitness is a state of mind. Who inspires you? #ShapeUpNC
  3. Hang in there #ShapeUpNC participants, and you’ll see solid results–along with great prizes from our corporate sponsors.
  4. Turn off the TV, get up off the couch, and get some #exercise. #ShapeUpNC
  5. How is everyone doing in keeping their 2012 New Year’s resolutions? Keep at it to achieve that #healthier lifestyle.
  6. Exercising with a friend is a good way to get encouragement to establish a #healthier lifestyle. Who do you like to exercise with?

NC Events

  1. Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out one of #NorthCarolina’s state parks!
  2. Dancing is a fun and easy way to burn calories. Anyone attending the 17th Annual Bluegrass First Class? #NCevents
  3. Deadlines for @GYRIG 5K run/walk in #Raleigh are coming up! Who is registered? Details here


  1. Happy Valentine’s Day #NorthCarolina! Send your Valentine a #health e-card from @CDCgov
  2. Yoga? Running? Walking the dog? No matter the method, send us a picture of you and your team exercising. We will RT our favorites! #ShapeUpNC

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