Jobs, Networking, & Office Space

Jobs have been on my mind a lot these past couple of weeks. Upon completion of our project with Tortuguias, reality hit hard that I was no longer on the beaches of Panama searching for sea turtles. Instead, I am starting my last semester of school, just four months away from entering the real world.

These next four months will be full of networking, informational interviews, cover letters, resumes, etc. Finding a job is a full time job. I met Friday with Ross Wade, the School of Communications career counselor, to talk about my plans for the future. As always, Ross gave great advice on how to be successful in the job search. My biggest takeaway from my session with Ross is to not be afraid of the process to finding a job. Ask for an informational interview. Reach out to alumni. Network through social media. BUT never ask for a job.

A past advisor and professor provided me with some advice recently:

“You have to ask yourself, ‘Do I want an office with a door or a cubicle?’ and that is how hard you have to work.”

I had an interview with a small agency a few weeks ago that was moving offices. When showing me around the new office, the CEO mentioned he HATES cubicles from experience and because of the movie Office Space. Having never seen the movie, I watched it this past weekend and now understand how miserable grey, cubicle walls would be. I appreciate the fact that this agency respects that people need privacy…and they do not require 37 pieces of flair.

So my answer to the question is yes, I want an office with a door…eventually. I know it is unlikely to get everything you dream of right out of school, but you better believe that I will work my ass off to earn that office with a door. And hopefully a window–closets won’t do!


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