New Year, New Experiences

2011 was a year full of growth, changes, and new experiences. The year started with a trip abroad to New Zealand. From hiking a glacier to canyoning down a waterfall, New Zealand proved to be an opportunity I will never forget. Senior spring flew by and before long my friends and I were in our cap and gowns under the oaks. With the end of senior year came a lot of uncertainty about the months ahead. Would I have a job? Would I have to move back in with my parents? Would my closest friends ever all be in the same place again? Some of the anxiety of the future subsided when I received my acceptance into the Interactive Media program and earned an internship position with Plaid Skirt Marketing.

The whirlwind of a year continued throughout the summer months. I started my internship after graduation and moved in with some new friends for a new experience in Raleigh. Not before long after getting settled in Raleigh, I flew to Chicago to join my family in attending my brother’s medical school graduation. This was the beginning of many airplane travels for the summer. I had the pleasure of being my sister’s maid of honor and between planning a shower, bachelorette party, and wedding I made many trips between North Carolina and Connecticut. The morning after my sister’s wedding, I was back on a plane to North Carolina and by that night had moved my stuff from Raleigh to Elon to start iMedia the next day.

‘Boot camp’ and fall semester was challenging. New apartment. New friends. New programs. New equipment. New professors. The novelty wore off fast and I was in the depth of the iMedia program. Before I knew it, the semester was over along with an exciting 2011. What a year!

Although it seems hard to believe that any year can stack up against 2011, 2012 has already shown some competition. This ‘Winter Term’ a team of seven iMedia students and I traveled to Panama to work with the NGO Tortuguias. Our goal of the trip was to provide our client with an interactive website containing video and photo elements. A more in depth explanation of our time there can be found on our group’s blog. Our final product can be viewed here.

As January comes to an end, I can’t believe that I am one month closer to getting my Masters and that familiar sense of uncertainty. Many more new experiences are in my future and I say, BRING IT ON!

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