Thirty Conversations on Design

Thirty Conversations on Design, produced by Little & Company, highlights some of the world’s most creative professionals’ thoughts on design. The main questions that these designers sought to answer were, “What single example of design inspires you most?” and “What problem should design solve next?” The difference in answers among the videos proves that you can be inspired from anything — from a sculpture to a piece of technology and there will always be a new thought and a new spark of inspiration.

I was drawn to Deborah Adler’s video response because it was titled “The Heart” and I believe that a person’s heart plays the biggest part in finding inspiration. Adler frames her response more about the idea of thinking about the heart of design. She explains that the designer needs to have a ‘love affair’ with the audience. To understand and dig into the needs of the audience leads you to solve those needs. Without that understand the second part is impossible and the design does not solve anything.

Katie Kirk and Nathan Strandberg, a husband-wife team, used a very creative way to answer the questions on an iPhone. They find the iPhone as a piece of inspiration and joke about designers loving Apple. The two praise the sleek design of the phone and the intuitive interface. Not only is the design of the phone inspiration, but the information that is shared through the functions of the phone is inspiring.

Lighten Up, the response from Patrick Coyne, was one of my favorites. He seemed so light-hearted and appreciative of the creative world. He said inspiration is a cumulative effect from those around us. The creative profession keeps coming up with new ways of communicating. He tries not to take design of himself too seriously, but hopes that design can impact the future.

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