Oh how time flies…

Oh how time flies. I cannot believe it is already the end of fall semester. I entered this program bracing for the inevitable stress, confusion and frustration, but ready for the challenge. Still stuck in the whirlwind of the last four months, it is hard to narrow down the most important things I learned over this semester. So, I have made a list to help compile my thoughts:

  1. Inspiration is everywhere. Do not be afraid to look at works of designers, architects, painters, sculptures, etc. for inspiration. Knowing artists from specific periods and the motivation behind their works will help build a foundation for your overall understanding of art and design.
  2. Helvetica is everywhere. Be unique and make a font other than Helvetica work in your design.
  3. Use pen and paper. Yes, this is a digital program and your laptop will become a permanent fixture to your body, but sketches are important. Brainstorm. Write down your ideas. Sketch anything that comes to mind. This process will help you develop a successful final design.
  4. Don’t forget to enjoy what you do. I entered this program because I had a passion for design. Through all the hustle and bustle, it is important to remember to breathe and realize you are doing something you love. Yes, professors assigned you the projects and gave you a grade (if Hs, Ps & Ls are even considered grades), but this stuff is fun. Who doesn’t love creating a graphic in Illustrator or Photoshop? How cool is it to watch that graphic animate across the screen? Don’t you love seeing your ideas come to life?

Well, the idiom must be correct—time flies when you are having fun. Not only have I had fun getting to know a little too much about all 40 people in the program, but I have enjoyed being challenged by new programs and pushed to perform my best. I can’t wait to see what the fly-in and spring semester has in store for me!

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