Fergburger: Favorite Flash Website

Fergburger is a burger joint located in Queenstown, New Zealand. Having traveled to New Zealand in January of this year, I was told by past visitors that it was imperative for me to eat a Fergburger. What was so special about this NZ burger? See picture below:


A burger from Fergburger

The Fergburger is the best burger I have ever had in my life. Granted my life has only been 22 years long, but I doubt I will ever have anything that compares to this burger. Maybe it is the aioli or the fact that when you leave Fergburger you are surrounded by majestic mountains and the crystal clear Lake Wakatipu, that makes this burger the best in the world. The line is out of the door at all hours of the day.


Line outside of Fergburger

As much as I would love to keep raving about the delicious burger, the purpose to this blog post is Fergburger’s website. Okay, so not only does Fergburger have amazing burgers, but also a Flash website that is ‘sweet as bro.’ The graphics are great and I just love the constant head rocking sheep and the obvious sense of humor that this place has. There are hittable areas on the left and right sides of the screen that allows the user to ease to further content along with more fun animations contributing to the Fergburger atmosphere. Along the bottom of the animation is tabs for more information. When clicked, an animation pops up including a brief history, menu, and pictures of the Ferg, consistent with the theme and continuing the crisp graphics. With the knowledge I have of Flash, I would not say that this website is impossible to develop. However, it is obvious that a lot of time, thought and Kiwi humor went into this amazing Flash website. Cheers!

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