Ethics: Questions

Discussion questions based on the following articles:

boyd, d. (2007, May). Social network sites: Public, private, or what? Knowledge Tree, 13. Retrieved from
boyd, d. & Hargittai, E. (2010). Facebook privacy settings: Who cares? First Monday, 15(8). Retrieved  from
Galperin, E. (2011, October 11). Facebook users brace for site’s redesign. Al Jazeera. Retrieved from
York, J. (2011, July 29). A case for pseudonyms. EFF Deeplinks Blog. Retrieved from


What is the definition of private and public in online contexts?
How protected is our information on Facebook and other SNSes? Does the new Facebook allow more protection with the opportunity to share information with groups?
Is it harmful or beneficial that sites like Facebook and Google+ require ‘real names’? Is there ever an instance where anonymity would be better?

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