Code: Questions

Discussion questions based on chapters 1-5 of Lawrence Lessig’s, Code.

Lawrence Lessig is a constitutionalist who teaches and write about constitutional law.  He describes constitutional as a guide that helps anchor fundamental values. In his book, Code, he argues that the belief that cyberspace cannot be regulated or controlled, is wrong. Why does Lessig use the word cyberspace, instead of Internet or World Wide Web? What does he mean by ‘cyberspace’? What is the difference?

How does Lessig feel about copyright? It is so easy to take things off of the Internet for free. Is this wrong? Should be people be able to take content posted online?

How does Lessig see the world in the next couple of decades when the older generations are the people who see cyberspace as their second life? Will each generation keep becoming more involved in this ‘second life’?

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