The Start of a Love/Hate Relationship

My love/hate relationship with Adobe Flash began on day one of the digital workshops. ActionScript 3.0 was a different language.


function buttonPressed1(event:MouseEvent){



What the heck is a mouse event? Why do certain letters have to be capitalized? Why can the button name and the instance name be different? I was beyond confused the first time I was introduced to Flash.

Now, heading into week four of the fall semester, I can say I am finally learning the language. I am starting to understand ActionScript and actually find solving compiler errors as a fun puzzle at times. I have even tweeted that Flash can be entertaining:

From this simple hashtag of #adobeflash, I was contacted on Twitter by Allen Donaldson, President and CEO of a new company named Vloggity ( He was looking for an individual who could produce a short Flash animation that could be added to Vloggity’s website. Being a Flash novice, I was nervous about accepting the challenge, but I agreed to reproduce his idea. Allen provided me with a sketch of a brainstorm diagram and wanted it to appear to be sketched onto the page when someone visited the website while it was under construction. I ended up being able to provide Allen with a finished product he was impressed with and that was published onto the website. Being able to create an animation without any guidance helped me feel more confident about my skills and my ability to interpret the wants of a client.

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